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Make up makes me so confident it’s like vodka for the face

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Sam Winchester: the vessel

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Tell them how I am defying gravity. [x]

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Here I stand
In the l i g h t o f d a y

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Schloss Lembeck, Germany (by Sabinche)

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White Foxes: a Graphic Novel

The official homepage; it links to everything important; follow us on one or a million things, but please spread the love. Keep updated with the blog, leave comments, leave criticism; leave your name on the homepage so we know you came to visit-!

Right now we need support more than anything else, and we’re counting on all you lovely people to help us out. With a team like; AdeleNanaAwya and Brooke, we think we’ve got a good foundation.

We’ll be contemplating and starting to inform of a Kickstarter, as well. So please, if this project interests you at all - reblog!

As a refresher: this is a drama set in WWII with minor/suggested supernatural/fantasy undertones - based around the utter brilliance of humanity and the different forms in which it manifests when presented with great, opposing darkness.

Visit the main page for a full logline description, and if it’s up your alley, you’ll make our day by spreading the love and support we need.