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inspired by Holy Bible

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i don’t understand why people don’t instantly respond to “what would your dream superpower be” with the ability to manipulate probability.
think about it. what’s the chance someone will drop 1mil in front of me? 0%? let’s make that 100%. what’s the probability i’ll wake up tomorrow and be X gender? 100%. what’s the probability my bathtub is filled with mac and cheese? 100%.

as a casino employee I can confirm this would be terrifying as fuck

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Morning in Prague by Markus Grunau

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White Foxes: a Graphic Novel

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Well, he was sorta asking for it, dressing in such flammable clothing.

if he didnt want to get set on fire, he should have stayed indoors

Psh, I bet he’s just saying she set him on fire. False immolation claims like this make me sick.

And besides, if it had been a real immolation, the body has ways of shutting the heat down so you don’t get burned.

He had a history of playing with matches.

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I want to play this game, Ubisoft.

I feel sorry for you if the gender of a character stops you relating to them. Like seriously, I don’t care who the main character is, whether they’re male/female, black/white, gay/straight, whatever, I just want to play a good game.

I’m a guy and I love Tomb Raider. I’ll happily play as a Lara Croft, because her gender doesn’t stop me enjoying the game. If Tomb Raider had a male main character I’d still play it, because the game matters, not the gender of the main character.

This just in Straight White Man Doesn’t See Big Deal About Gender, Race and Sexuality news at 11

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"You’ve seen horrible things, an army of nightmare creatures. But they are nothing compared to what came before, what lies below"

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

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  • me: hello darkness my old friend
  • darkness: do i know u